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American model before her marriage to George Hamilton, with whom she had a son, Ashley.They divorced and she later married and divorced Rod Stewart.She and Hamilton debuted a TV talk show in September 1995 that had light, comfortable banter. Sean, 21, Alana's son with rocker Rod Stewart, was arrested on 12/05/2001 for attacking a 19-year-old pal outside a Malibu restaurant.Adrienne Maloof has been given the seal of approval from the (other) most important woman in boyfriend Sean Stewart’s life: his mother.The suave, debonair and perpetually tanned star of TV’s Dynasty and hit movies such as Love At First Bite, Evel Knievel and The Godfather III is poised to unleash on British audiences two new movies, a TV comedy, two documentaries, and a book on modern manners.Most intriguing is a major TV project Hamilton is mounting with rocker Rod Stewart and the blonde beauty they both once married, Alana.“It was before a small group of people including Benicio’s family, who are from that part of the world.

And I approve of him dating Adrienne.” Mother-of-two Maloof, meanwhile, has defended her new romance as the new normal, pointing to a few celebrity cougars as proof.I can’t say any more.”Rod Stewart may be a happily married man these days but Hamilton by contrast remains footloose and fancy-free.He has made love to some of the world’s most beautiful women and he’s not about to stop now, though at 75 he claims it’s harder to find beauties closer to his age.“I’m playing to a different audience now,” he laughs.“It’s hard dating a woman who looks like a bag of hammers.Very few people really hold on to their looks.”Insisting that he has never resorted to Viagra, Hamilton says: “There’s something about lower testosterone: you develop great taste.

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