Sea floor dating

Before these claims can be considered, a brief explanation of plate tectonics is in order.The theory of plate tectonics states that the lithosphere, which is the layer of Earth that includes the continental and oceanic crusts, is divided into seven large plates and several smaller ones. Earthquakes and volcanic activity are caused by the movement of plates and interaction at their boundaries.The fact that most of the Earth is covered in water has spurred much interest in the world's oceans.

Like any rock, the plates of basaltic composition become less thick and more dense as they cool.One creationist believes that the floor of the ocean provides evidence that the earth is much younger than the generally accepted age of 4.6 billion years.This paper will provide an explanation of his claim, as well as evidence and arguments provided by mainstream scientists which causes them to reject this young-earth creationist's clock.And what about those magnetic stripes on the Atlantic sea floor?If that ocean floor is indeed spreading, then the thickness of those stripes and their distance from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge preserve a chronological record of magnetic field reversals. Mathematical calculations done by Dan Mc Kenzie in 1967 indicated that an ocean floor, spreading at a few inches per year from a rift which adds new material, would cool and contract.

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