Peer guardian 2 zes after updating

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What you do NOT know is whether the addresses this piece of @#$%& blocked were, in fact, the very peers who had the pieces you were downloading.

By inducing and then reinforcing paranoia, PG2 does more harm to torrenting than the RIAA, the MPAA and the FBI combined.

The i OS 3.0 update added the ability to download movies, TV shows, audiobooks, i Tunes U, and ringtones on mobile devices, in addition to the previously available songs and podcasts.

On February 18, 2010, Apple increased the 10 MB 3G download limit to 20 MB.

Peer Block is bedoeld om ongewenst netwerkverkeer buiten de deur te houden.

De lijst met ongewenste hosts bevat onder andere aanbieders van reclame en verspreiders van malware, maar ook van instanties die strijden tegen piraterij.

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The price can either be free or cost an amount of dollars and 99 cents.

I've said it before - if PG2 didn't exist, the MPAA would have invented it.

Smiley Here's just a small selection of the problems with this overhyped garbage: [ The Media Defender internal email leak offered plenty of information for the taking.

The total number of IPs used by Media Defender starting with 116 was 1,474.

Obviously, Blue Tack did block all IPs that started with 116, but how many Media Defender IPs were successfully blocked?

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