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In one rigorous NIJ-funded study, school-level interventions in 30 New York City public middle schools reduced dating violence by up to 50 percent.[2]Researchers evaluated dating violence and sexual harassment interventions by randomly assigning classes to receive: Youth exposed to domestic violence are at greater risk for being both a victim and the perpetrator of dating violence.Classroom-level interventions were delivered in six sessions, using a curriculum emphasizing the consequences for perpetrators, state laws and penalties, the construction of gender roles, and healthy relationships.Not only does it harm its intended victims, but it also negatively affects the climate of schools and the opportunities for all students to learn and achieve in school. Bullying among children is commonly defined as intentional, repeated hurtful acts, words or other behavior, such as name-calling, threatening and/or shunning committed by one or more children against another. Typically, hotlines are open Monday through Friday 9 to 5, with some also open evenings and Saturdays.The BDVP collaborates with other domestic violence programs and the City of Philadelphia to operate the Philadelphia Domestic Violence Hotline which provides the following services for victims of domestic and dating abuse: Crisis intervention counseling, Safety planning, Referrals for domestic abuse services and other needs, including referrals for shelter and housing, emergency food services, legal assistance, youth services, elder programs, medical services, general counseling needs, sexual assault counseling, welfare assistance, services for gay and lesbian people, and services in multiple languages.The researchers noted that the classroom-level intervention alone was not effective in improving these outcomes.

Department of Education Every day in our Nation's schools, children are threatened, teased, taunted and tormented by schoolyard bullies.

Victims of teen dating violence often keep the abuse a secret.

They should be encouraged to reach out to trusted adults like parents, teachers, school counselors, youth advisors, or health care providers.

The hotline is toll free and is answered by a trained counselor 24-hour a day.

The CHOICE Hotline helps thousands of callers each year make informed personal decisions about their sexual and reproductive health care needs.

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