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Every cold-calling salesperson knows that when you manage to make the prospect laugh, you’re in a good position.

The disadvantage of voice, however, is that it doesn’t leave a record.

For a long time since it’s only a camera and it is getting better and better every single updates.

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Although the picture quality isn’t quite as good as Camfrog, it more than makes up for it in terms of features such as text messaging, file sharing and blog linking.

brings the most incredible video chatting experience to let you have fun and stay close with your friends!

Millions of Booers around schools & campuses have already started sending Boos between each other 24/7.

Two of my favourite video conferencing apps are Camfrog and oo Voo and both offer you the ability to set up face-to-face chats without any hassle.

Camfrog is great because it offers pixel-perfect visuals, and clear, crisp sounds so you almost feel like you’re in the same room as the other person.

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