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This study was carried out through the collection of network measurements from a local vantage point in Zambia, based on a set of designed to examine whether a set of websites were blocked, and whether systems that could be responsible for internet censorship and surveillance were present in the tested network (MTN Zambia).

The aim of this study is to increase transparency about potential internet controls in Zambia which might have interfered with the democratic process of elections.

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Unlike most of its neighbors, Zambia is appear to include some of the factors that led to Zambia’s transition to a multi-party democracy and presidential system in 1991.4cm height am Am a kind person who understand about others. "Wu Shengzai, aged 50, has been killed by protesting workers after being hit by a trolley which was pushed towards him by the rioting miners as he ran away into the underground where he wanted to seek refuge," said Fred Mutondo, Zambia's Southern province police commissioner.A report by Human Rights Watch last year warned that safety and labour conditions at Chinese mines were worse than at other foreign-owned mines in Zambia.Last year, charges were dropped against two Chinese managers accused of attempted murder after they fired on miners at the Collum mine during a different pay dispute.

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