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Signature guitars are a minefield of whim and fancy.What represents the Holy Grail to one guitar star means little or nothing to anyone but the artist's most diehard fans. He understands aesthetics, is a stickler for playability and his views on great tone are legendary.Making the transition from one guitar to the next can come from any direction.It can be triggered by a need to hear another sound, or I’ve seen or heard somebody playing a guitar that I want to emulate.

A true aficionado of vintage Fender Stratocasters, Johnson is someone who knows better than most how the world's favourite electric guitar could be 'improved'.

The guitar has a one-piece quarter-sawn maple neck with a 12 radius and sports a unique compound neck shape beginning with a soft V shape at the first fret to a wider C shape at the neck joint.

The deeper neck carve at the first frets is ideal for chord shapes while the thinner, wider neck carve in the upper register is ideal for fast soloing.

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