Dating dead men

The last thing Wollie wants is to call the police, so she dashes off to Rio Pescado. At the hospital she picks up a charismatic stranger, "Doc," who's on the run, and Wollie can't help getting herself mixed up in his troubles as well...

Dating Dead Men introduces a writer who is bound to take her place alongside Janet Evanovich and Gillian Roberts—and a heroine as feisty, funny, and unforgettable as Bridget Jones.

Wollie fears that her beloved brother, a paranoid schizophrenic living at Rio Pescado, is involved in the murder, so rather than go to the authorities, she decides to solve the crime on her own. Dear God." "Girl, get a grip," Fredreeq called out, barging through the front door of my shop, Wollie's Welcome! "I can hear those ' Dear Gods' all the way out to the parking lot. Mary Daheim, author of Silver Scream A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery Harley Jane Kozak fashions a doozy of a debut, starting cars, cads clothes and an L.

As she meets up with an array of small-time crooks and swaggering mobsters only slightly more sinister than the men she's been dating, Wollie realizes that "getting dumped" is the least of her problems. Dating Dead Men will keep readers guessing until the final bullet is shot—and cheering for the irresistible Wollie as she makes her way out of confusion and into the welcoming embrace of Mr. I could scarcely have been more shocked if I'd discovered it on my own flesh, appearing out of nowhere, like stigmata. It was on my grass green carpet, Aisle 3, Condolences/Get Well Soon, where I knelt, rooted in horror.

Bundt died and I can take the day off and go to the beach." "He's not dead. I was doing the final Dustbusting, and look, look--" I waved at the carpet. "Yeah, I know, I'm pushing the envelope here." Fredreeq straightened up and moved to the cash register counter. "You're black, which I always think makes the high heels-no stockings look--" "Less slutlike? Bundt walked through the door of Wollie's Welcome! Greetings racks, beginning with Birthdays, Juvenile. Greetings Corporation, devoting his life to inspecting all Welcome!

Zebra- print stockings stretched from the hem of a very short, very tight skirt to a pair of velvet stiletto heels. "Maybe," I said, and turned to scratch at the cigarette burn with my fingernail. I jumped to my feet, planting a red high-top right on the cigarette burn. He saw me and smiled, and for a minute I thought it was going to be all right, but then he saw Fredreeq. She was sitting on the counter, a bunched-up chunk of stocking hanging from one foot as she struggled to get a stiletto heel off the other. Bundt stared for a moment and then--and here's what I admired about him--he turned and began inspecting the Welcome! way to handle every situation in life, this man, either from instinct or training, knew exactly what it was. Bundt was the field representative for the Welcome!

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