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As of now, over 2,000 has been raised for these orgs.

The Grand Central Hotel offered visitors not only the famous White Sulphur Springs, but also a series of gardens and walking paths, a partially covered swimming pool, a dining room that could seat 1,200 guests, and “one of the largest and finest ball-rooms in America.”But what did vacationers do in those gardens, or around that pool, or after a vigorous game of lawn bowling? In a list of travel tips in 1874, the Globe saved its best tip for last: “Don’t forget to take some books with you.” It’s not clear how anyone could forget, given how actively advertisers promoted books as a vacation staple. One publisher marketed a series of musical biographies to summer audiences—books on Beethoven, Handel, and Chopin—but assured readers that “THESE ARE NO HEAVY BIOGRAPHIES.”Today, this 19th-century focus on lightness seems amusingly explicit.

A Pennsylvania teenager charged with the gruesome murder of a man she met along with her husband through Craigslist has claimed to have killed more than 22 other people across the country in a jailhouse interview.

In the local newspaper piece, Miranda Barbour, 19, claims she will plead guilty to the butchering of Troy La Ferrara, 42, in November in addition to more than 20 victims from Alaska to North Carolina as part of her involvement in a satanic cult.

She Who Borne the Battle will change this by providing a foundation…

Read more » The American Heroes Charity Challenge is in full swing over on Crowd Rise, and lots of folks are funding the nonprofits who support veterans, milfams, firefighters, and police officers.

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