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Location can play a big role in the quality of life, affordability of treatment and management of asthma. All variables were normalized to range from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best and 0 being the worst. Hospitalization charges and payments are for Medicare patients only, which is a limitation of this study.To help asthma sufferers identify the best and worst cities to live in the U. The rankings were based on the following factors: To our knowledge, this is one of the first studies of its kind to consider financial factors such as hospitalization charges, average total payout and drug costs in the ranking of the best and worst cities for asthma sufferers. William Ingram, an otolaryngologist at the Nebraska Medical Center, says, “Here in Omaha, there’s not a lot of pollution as compared to Chicago and Los Angeles. “Four different companies send me discount pharmaceutical cards. Costs of drugs are really rising, and with the increase in high-deductible health plans, it might be getting worse.” Managing asthma includes minimizing triggers, controlling symptoms by taking the right medications and dosage, as well as seeing your doctor regularly. The overall score was calculated by taking the average of the normalized variables by city. Source: Medicare Provider Utilization and Payment Data (Inpatient).'” (Which seems off to me, because when I was single I think the subway enhanced my dating life.) In sprawling LA, on the other hand, “Not everyone is inclined to navigate three freeways for the chance to get laid, stone sober. But there in the middle of 500 miles of sprawl, it was all of a sudden strange to be sitting too close on a couch with the clock ticking down.And Los Angeles lacks an urban center where young, single people congregate — they live everywhere.” Dating in Washington, D. with her boyfriend; then they promptly broke up, and he moved back east. In our opinion, these are the kinds of sites that are just not going to give you what you want.If you find yourself asking the question ‘do online dating sites work’, these aren’t sites that will answer that question–they’ll just frustrate you, and according to our data and tests, that’s pretty darn clear.

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We’ve found our results to prove that these sites just can’t quite compete with our favorites, and they just aren’t going to make it easy for you to get laid or to find the kinds of women that will sleep with you.

Thirteen miles of greenways (peaceful roads for safer biking and walking) prove Seattle takes cycling seriously.

Seattleites sure are smart cookies: The city is also one of the top 10 most-educated cities in America. 1 on the American Fitness Index because of how healthy—physically and mentally—most Washingtonians are, thanks in part to easy park access. Although the public transportation system can be a bit frustrating, the city is super bike friendly and walkable.

When it comes to a legit dating site…well, we can’t really say that these are going to compete well with them.

These sites have a lot of dating scams on them, and from what we’ve experienced, they just aren’t going to end up giving you the kind of fun that you want.

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