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The fourth photo features Toby Jones as new character Culverton Smith. Each episode is based on one of Doyle’s novels or short stories.

The new episode “The Six Thatchers” is loosely based upon the short story “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons.” READ MORE: ‘Sherlock’ Honest Trailer Pokes Fun at The Popular BBC Series — Watch The fourth season of “Sherlock” will premiere on BBC in the UK and on PBS in the United States on January 1, 2017.

“The world wide inter-lie will just basically go and discuss the legacy of Alan Turing), he goes there again.

It’s not for the benefit of middle-aged men with a vast audience and little understanding of the form.The actor's popularity has been building steadily since he started playing Sherlock Holmes in the BBC's update of the series, and his brilliant turn as the villain in Star Trek: Into Darkness may be the role that finally makes him a household name.(Not an easily pronounceable one, admittedly, but a household name nonetheless.)But ask people if they've heard of Cabin Pressure, and you'll get more than a few blank looks. The BBC Radio 4 sitcom may very well be one of the best projects that Cumberbatchhas ever done, but BBC radio comedies aren't exactly front-page news over here. However, if you have a Cabin Pressure fan in your circle of friends, trust me, you will be assimilated.Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! I don’t know if you remember, but some time last summer – between the end of the Olympics and the return of The X Factor – it briefly became the thing to have a go at Benedict Cumberbatch for being “a posho”.

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