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Read comments about Thailand from 70 visitors to get a thorough understanding of the beauty of Thai culture. Then listen to an Elvis Impersonator from Germany explain why Elvis is so important in Thai culture.

Bangkok is infamous for its traffic-jammed streets and sois (side streets and alleys), and its air pollution is among the worst in the world (policemen directing traffic wear masks).

World Health Organization treatment guidelines recommend that adults with severe malaria be admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU).

However, ICU facilities are limited in the resource-poor settings where most malaria occurs.

You can also got to any hospital, but it will be more of a hassle as English isn’t widely spoken, plus costs are higher.

The Thai Red Cross Anonymous Clinic has lots of foreign patients, so it’ll be easier to communicate your symptoms in Englis I show exactly which tests to get prices on the Emergency Cheatsheet that comes with my Interactive Guides. The only place where they seem to consistently check IDs is at Route 66 – I never had to show ID at any other club or go-go bar. Other friends of mine (same age) did have to produce their IDs even at go-go bars.

Identification of patients at greater risk of complications may facilitate their triage and resource allocation..

of space with flexibility for relaxation and private dining. Listen to a radio broadcast in English direct from Bangkok. This settlement -- dominated by the Grand Palace and bordered by the Chao Phraya and semicircular klongs (canals) -- is called Ratanakosin and is today a jumble of streets that lead to palaces, government buildings, temples, and museums. When King Rama I moved his capital in 1782 across the river, he chose a site that foreign vessels knew from their navigational charts as the village of Bangkok. Bangkok has no downtown, and streets, like the traffic, seem to veer off in every direction. A foreigner's reaction to Thailand's capital is often as confused as the city's geography.

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