Awesome sexchat examples

* Look, we should go now because I have a date in two hours * It’s tough being cute without being hit on…..sometimes I wish I was ugly * Let’s have a xxxx-off * Have you ever played imaginary frisbee? I mean, I am well hung and tender, but you just want me for my body. Your friend has been looking at me like a fat/hungry kid at a hamburger. soooo cool, I love you * For me you’ll always be my xxxxxx * If you buy me a drink you might get lucky tonight * It’s tough to be such a sex symbol * You can be my personal bodyguard – let’s see if you’re strong enough! Come on don’t deny, I saw you following me around * Please don’t exploit me for my perfect body * You know I am more than just a piece of meat. Think beyond your comfort zone be intriguing, coax her into letting you in and reacting to your first email.Everyone was in an explosively good mood (Christmas time, you see), and we began suggesting whatever came to our mind, tweaking and geeking, recalling all sorts of crazy customer stories.* (slow down when walking with her so you’re behind) Just checking out your arse! * We can have fun but please don’t touch * You know I work on this body very hard; I go to the gym twice a week, well mainly for sex in the hot tub. Well, you just wetted your lips, but forget it, I am not on your menu tonight. (“take one” out of pocket and pretend to play) * And……back to me! * Just because I flirt a lot doesn’t mean I put out * You know, I would really like to slide in here. Can you let her know that I am not on the menu for tonight, please * You know we really make a great team: you got the character, I have the body. The online home of the Green Yoga Association, a northern California-based organization keen on promoting eco-friendly living and action through all aspects of yoga.

He’s some of the lines Rocky uses in set: * Let’s pretend we never had this conversation * Why do I feel like I’m talking to my future ex wife ? * Ok, I will stay here at the bar with you, but you have to promise that you won’t make a dirty move on me.

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The folks that comment aren’t afraid to be opinionated, so interesting conversations ensue regularly.’s site has the biggest collection of articles about yoga, including numerous home practices and detailed pose instructions.

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