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We only know about these things from watching old movies.This recipe came to me as we were watching the movie Grease, a perennial favorite at our house.However, making ice cream together is certainly is a lot of fun, and the final product is incredibly delicious.This Boozy Chocolate Chip Cherry Bomb uses our very first ice cream creation: a classic chocolate chip.Set 30 feet from cable car to Sněžka, the family-run Chata Lesovna features a restaurant, a garden with a terrace and an airport shuttle service.All rooms have a seating area and come with shared bathroom facilities.Then, I’ll regale her with mundane tales absolutely no one else in the world but she would care about: the latest developments in potty training; who I’m currently hating on Facebook.Call three might come down around lunchtime, when she has five minutes to kill and wants to provide a blotter of her recent Target purchases.

Louis and the idea came to me of what is currently the CHAT Bag!

Hannah was off and running with her i Pad in her CHAT Bag . However, people noticed Hannah's bag and asked where she got it, and after several inquiries we noticed there was a need and a desire for others to have CHAT Bags. Parents, teachers, students, business owners, and therapist were also using them.

We began our journey behind the scenes making CHAT Bags, bringing the website to life, patenting and trademarking the CHAT bag and CHAT name, etc. Now we have our current logo and acronym-Communication Has A Tool.

When mixed with Cherry Soda (or “Cherry Pop” as we Ohioans call it) and some Rum Chata, this adults-only delicacy tastes like frozen style chocolate covered cherry.

Jackie and I are not old enough to remember old-fashioned soda stands and ice cream shops where ice cream was hand-dipped and combined with hand-drawn soda.

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